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Real Life on Mondays 4/21

April 21, 2014
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afterlight (1) I am attempting to show our real life, what it looks like in the real world without the social media facade. Occasionally on Mondays I’ll post an image of our real house and the way it looks in Real Time for transparency and honesty. Like this room which is my daughters’ shared room and is very messy because I have not been consistent with getting Emma to straighten up. The good thing is that it’s mostly toys and clothes and sleeping bag she insists sleeping on the couch with, so it only takes a few moments to clean it up, but we are in the stage were I have to actively monitor her while we learn “first time obedience” so Mom can be lazy about this too.

On another note, how was Easter Weekend? We had so much fun and spent time with friends, family and church. It was beautiful to hear the word and see it lived out through a baptism at our church. My Secret Sister gave me an sweet Easter Bunny that is in my freezer ready for me to pounce on once I recover from the Sugar coma from the last few days. Saturday we went to our friend and neighbors for a Surprise Birthday Party and there was a pinata as well as chocolate cake. Combine that with Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts and more candy than one person really needs in a lifetime, I think we’re good until Halloween.

We’ve talked with Emma prior Easter, during lent about why we celebrate Easter and even though we do the fun stuff like Easter baskets and egg hunts, this is not the reason we celebrate. We’ve been reading about  Passover and faithfulness and how that connects to the story of Christ’s Death and Resurrection and you can’t believe how encouraged I was to listen to her tell me Yesterday “Jesus died on the cross, to erase our sin.”

Here are some lovely pictures of my family this weekend, they are a true blessing and I couldn’t be more thankful even though sometimes I take for granted the blessing they are.

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I hope your Easter was wonderful and full of the redemption story. Also, feel free to show us your real Life on Mondays #reallifeonmondays on IG or social media.

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  • Reply Rachel April 23, 2014 at 11:20 pm

    Love this:) it’s good to be real – and if you could have only seen my kitchen this weekend during my baking/meal prepping/peanut butter making fest – YIKES! Ha…

    Love the pictures of you and the girls. So sweet. And go mom for teaching them about our Savior!

    Lastly, sugar coma – I agree. Too much. And now that I’ve been snacking on things, it’s like I need it even more. Time to knock it out of my system!

  • Reply Ellie July 4, 2014 at 10:54 am

    haha I just saw this, sugar coma indeed.

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