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I was an army brat born in Balboa, Panama in the 80’s. We moved all over the world experiencing many good things. I am now a Southern Wife and Mother, grace receiver and dwell in our tiny house on a hill in Augusta, Ga.

I am an Encaustic and Mixed Media Artist. I tend to draw out themes of the natural and supernatural, the beauty of nature contrasted with ruin, and human and celestial. I am in love with the cathartic process of the encaustic medium as much as I enjoy the outcome. I am influenced most by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Alicia Tormey, Makato Fujimura, and Radcliffe Bailey.

Image by Keaton Thurmond

Image by Keaton Thurmond

I attended Augusta State University as a double major in Art and Psychology, both which contributed to my artist’s process. My hope is to complete school when I am able and time is not limited.  I recently showcased in the Westobou Seeds Exhibit in Augusta, Ga.


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