Golden Dinosuars and A “can’t-live-without” app for an Unfocused, Procrastinating, Unorganized Homemaker (Yes, that’s a long title)

photo 1 (11)It’s no secret I am a procrastinator and a bit on the unorganized side. I guess I am what you call “disorganized creative” and although I may want certain things in my life just “perfect” and can have anxiety if not achieved, the “home work”  is not one of those areas.

I’ve talked of my randomness here before and I think part the issue comes down to me not using my time well, well that and an official attention deficit diagnosis, ha. I am easily distracted and can spend way too much time reading wikipedia articles about some random 18th century scientist or artist or work on calligraphy practice or watercolor or spray paint gold dinosaurs when I should have taken five minutes to do the dishes in the sink. I fully accept I am this way, my mind takes giant leaps a million times a second and I do believe there was a reason I was created this way, and am happy for it. But I’m trying to make my life more functional, so I’ve slowly made leaps and bounds over the years because of general frustration at my nature and I continue to look for anything that will aide in my attempt at managing a household as well as the many other mom and life duties I am responsible for.

I recently found and was previously unaware of the 30/30 app. I’ve used it for a few days so far and it has really, really helped (more really’s for emphasis) Here’s my run down:

photo (8)


-Free – The app is free, there are some unnecessary in-app icons you can purchase but the price is my kind of price.

– Lists & Timers -I like lists and list making out of pure necessity, the problem is that I don’t always accomplish the items on the list and can get lost in the list making process altogether. In this app you not only can make lists and there is options to make different lists for your various needs but what’s really amazing is the ability to set individual timers for each listed item. This is a tremendous help for staying on track. I can look at the time allotted and push through till I hear that satisfying buzz. It’s helping to compartmentalize my daily tasks a bit so I don’t get overwhelmed trying to swallow a whole elephant. There is also the ability to add or take away time in 5 minute increments also pause time or bump an item to lower on the list.

-Clean Design- I’m an Aesthetic snob and I like my apps like I like my mid century modern tastes, the app is clean and beautiful.

-Gestures & Ease of Use- There is a bit of a learning curve with the gestures required to work the app but they are clearly explained and it only took me a few attempts to get them down, once mastered the ease of use is quite nice.

-Getting stuff done- Remarkably I finished my entire list for the day yesterday with the help of this app. I just started using it so time will be the judge. I have to spend a few minutes in morning making my list but its worth it at the end of the day.

All in all, my test week is going great and I just wanted to mention this app to blog friends as it may be of some use to you, let me know how it goes. I imagine it will be very useful in the fall with our homeschool load as well especially since we keep lessons short and not over a certain time limit. If you use it or have used it and love it or hate it, let me know as well. So, in conclusion use the 30/30 app if you want to get more done in your day so you have time to for the important things like painting gold dinosaurs.

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aren’t they cute?




2013 Favorite Apps for iPhone

I love technology…I do. Even though I feel like we as a society may over do it with our technology addiction at times, it is a wonderful tool and I am amazed to live in a time where good technology is so accesible. When I was in middle school, we begged our parents for pagers and nintendos and that was the coolest technology we could imagine. A lot has changed since then and we couldn’t have imagined some of the amazing things we have now. Touch screens, wi-fi, smart phones, etc. I personally have an iPhone that has been an amazing tool for helping my procrastination and distraction filled self to get more organized, and also have a little enjoyment on the side. We plan in the near future to save for an ipad to help with homeschooling and general things, but  I wanted to share some of my favorite apps in this new calendar year for an iphone.


Productivity Apps


Fantastical is a calendar app that is simply, beautiful. It is smart enough to use natural language to register all that you input into a New Event and translate it into all the details of your event. This is such a time saving app and is a great app for moms who have to quickly jot down the details of something, like a doctor’s appointment, without wasting time entering each field of details. It syncs with your ical and google calendars, so you don’t have to start from scratch. I access my husbands icalendar as well through Fantastical so I know what his work schedule will look like that week. It is always different week to week, so this has been extremely helpful. There is a cost for this app, but it has been worth the money.

photo photo (1)



I’ve said it before friends, Wunderlist is wonderful. It really is. Wunderlist is a great app for your to do lists and staying on task. Send reminders to yourself or schedule when the task must be completed by. It is simple, clean and easy to use. I don’t need a lot of messy apps for staying on task, all I need is this.

photo (2)



This is a given, dropbox fans, you are probably aware of this app, but if you are not, if you aren’t familiar with dropbox, get familiar. It is a great way to archive and share information straight from your phone or computer and being able to access and send files while on the go is priceless, so it’s nice to know this is a free app, as well.



Google Drive

Google Drive is a stand alone  app for your google docs. Access your documents, spreadsheets, images etc. You can create new documents within this app for whatever you need it for. I haven’t used a wordprocessing program since I fell for google docs because of the ability to create documents, spreadsheets, etc. in Google Docs and save as a word document or pdf or what have you. I love being able to access my documents from anywhere, I don’t know why more people don’t use google docs/drive instead of expensive and wonky word processing software, plus this app keeps all my documents at my fingertips and I love it.

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Camera Apps


I have a lot of camera apps and I have finally settled on Afterglow. Being a retired photographer, I love being able to adjust exposure, temperature, brightness etc. right in my phone. It is an all in one camera app, a beautiful and seamless app which makes the powerful little camera in your iphone incredibly useful. I am able to send my edited images straight to Instagram or whatever social media app I choose from this app.

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Social Apps


Instagram is an obvious pick. Everyone loves Instagram. It is photo microblogging done right. Share images with friends and family of what is going on throughout your day, or just keep it to yourself for memories in the future. It’s quick, easy and fun, I do wonder how new apps like Vine will affect apps like Instagram, if at all, only the future will see.

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Flipboard is like a selective newspaper filled with only the stuff you want to read. You input what feeds and sites you want to stay on top of and can do it here without ever opening a reader. I browse every morning from current big news events but also the funniest things that come across the web to balance it out. They are only so many boxes for content so it makes me have to be selective in what I include and I like that, because information overload is a real thing, at least for me.




TocaBoca apps

If TocaBoca makes it, there is a guarantee that we will most likely love it. There are a variety of apps, both free and paid, by this developer and we love everything we’ve tried. There’s Toca Tailor Fairy Tale, Toca Hair Salon, Toca Band, Toca Doctor, and much more. These are well designed, kid smart apps, that parents will get a kick out of too. Emma loves to shave Santa bald and play dress up with her Fairy Tale girl, but most of all making music with the Toca Band. I highly recommend anything made by TocaBoca.

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PBS kids

I have a secret, we aren’t a TV free household, (you’d definitely know that if you follow me on any social media platform, I love good television) but all good things in moderation is a definite goal for us, especially when it comes to keeping tabs of Emma’s TV intake. No TV before homeschool and none until school and chores are done, and even then we are trying to keep these shows to educational shows and at a minimum, with the occasional super hero show thrown in (because what child doesn’t need an education in Kicking Butt Awesomeness?). I really like the PBS kids app on the iPhone and can only assume how much better it is on iPad. You can watch a large variety of clips and shows from quality PBS, also  you can customize tv times and know what your kids are watching.



Game Apps for Grown ups


I’m a little obsessed with this game. I like puzzle games mainly, I am not your typical iPhone gamer, and it has to be a challenge or I bore easily of it. Vubu is a great challenging puzzle game and the first that I have found that I haven’t gotten bored with. It’s not that easy and that’s why I like it. I’ve moved through the standard stages at this point and am in the advanced ones, I play a little at a time, when I can. It is true leisure play for when I’m waiting at the Doctor’s office or just trying to pass some time. I won’t explain how it works and let you figure it out for yourself, but this is my favorite game on iPhone.



These are some of my favorite apps right this moment, I may share some more I really like in the future. The world of apps is always changing and getting better which is exciting for nerds like me. Do you agree with my list? What are some of your favorite apps?