Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

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The harvest moon welcoming Fall, I woke up Emma to watch with me.

I am so happy to have fall here, it is my favorite time of year, always. Everything about Fall makes me happy and September is one of my favorite months because this beautiful weather starts creeping in around this time. It’s like a preview of what’s to come. It’s been a busy but good season so far this year and fall is always a relaxing time for us to just enjoy family, to enjoy home. Even though we have soccer games and Nutcracker practices and all sorts of events there is just something unexplained about why I feel settled in the fall. Like my soul knows that all will be reborn soon and I can truly enjoy the end of things.

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Some people feel energized in the new year, January and so on, but I’m always energized in the fall. Maybe it’s the weather or the excitement of anticipation of all of my favorite holidays one by one for the next several months. It might also be, this year at least, that I am on my feet again after a silly sprain while walking down two steps. You can’t take a sick note from being a Mother so I am very thankful to be mobile again cooking dinner and teaching Emma and trying to clean house, keyword is trying.  I am thankful for this season and and everything to come. As the treetops turn umber and we enjoy pumpkin this and spiced that, know this is the the place we are at and the season we have been given and it is good.


In regards to my book challenge, I’m still on it. I am slowly getting back into the groove after my sprain. You would think that reading would have been the best thing when I was off my feet but I found that between pain killers and exhaustion, I couldn’t read ten pages in without drifting off. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading much more and I am excited for some book picks coming up. I am still giving myself a year, although I won’t beat myself up if it’s not exactly 365 days long but  a little longer.  I’ll post later this week what books I’ve read so far and what I’m excited to read.

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