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We have just been going, going, going for the last few weeks. There’s a lot of events happening in this wonderful month and I’m happy for the little rest we are getting here and there. This past week was pretty amazing even though we were very busy and we didn’t get a lot of down time there is a lot going on in the life of the Benson’s. The big event was Star Wars Reads Day at the Library and Kenny dressed up beacuse he was working it, he dressed up as Jango Fett and Emma dressed up as the cutest little Princess Leia (above), a ten minute costume I made for her. (if any one would like to see how it was made, I can make a tutorial, it’s the easiest costume with Halloween around the corner.) The were in the paper and Emma loved dressing up as a Space Princess.

courtesy the Augusta Chronicle/Todd Bennett

courtesy the Augusta Chronicle/Todd Bennett

courtesy the Augusta Chronicle/Todd Bennett

courtesy the Augusta Chronicle/Todd Bennett

I’m still trucking away at my reading list, my goal is still to get as close to 200 in a year as possible, or it may take longer than a year, but I will do it. I am about 16 books behind on my my monthly right now but that’s because I’ve been pretty much reading a lot of meaty fiction. I have some shorter books coming up soon to help me get ahead. I’ll post some observations of what I’ve read so far either this week or next, depending how quickly I get through this week of reading.

Currently Reading:image



Kenny has been making art like crazy, made this…photo 1 (1) this weekend for a charity art show and it sold even before it was displayed which was pretty awesome. He’s been working on watercolor commissions and he also has put a few new Screenprints in our BensonBenson shop, like this new favorite… bbse-0170 and I hope to get one up there as well this week if I have some time to finish one I’ve been working on.

I am going to attempt to blog more artwork and things that we’ve been working on as we progress.

Emma has been a busy little bee as well, she is going to be a soldier in the Nutcracker this season with Augusta Dance and the Augusta Ballet School and she is really excited. I am really looking forward to her performance and she is practicing almost every weekend until then.

imageI like to take sneaky pictures of them.

Emma is almost wrapped up with Soccer season, as well.

ee-2-2-2 ee-2-2 ee-2-3 ee-2-4

Here’s one more picture from Star Wars Reads Day, All in all we had an amazing week.ee-2

and I hope we can have more of this that happened last week…dinner in the out-of-doors due to this lovely, lovely weather.

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 9.40.37 AM Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 9.40.16 AM

I hope your fall is turning out wonderful as well.



If you get a chance head on over to my relaunched photography portfolio, link in the sidebar, Kenny made me that lovely logo with the trees.

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