It’s an Alice!

So, we went to the doctor a few weeks ago for our ultrasound and received a wobbly answer of girl for the gender of the Baby. The sonographer told us she was pretty certain, girl…so, if that does not change we have our name…

Alice Jane Elizabeth Benson, very literary and perfect in my opinion. We went again with a nod to Jane Austen, Emma was named after the novel of the same name and this time a middle name in homage of the beloved Author. Alice, well, of course cannot be mistaken for any other than the curious little darling who goes through the looking glass. Emma loves the name Alice, she is going to be Alice (Alice in Wonderland) in the Christmas Parade this weekend again for the second year and she thinks it is pretty special that the baby would be named after the book character. Emma and Alice does sound pretty darn cute together.

Last week was a great week of family time and I am looking forward to some downtime as we get back into our home life schedule and anticipate the start of Advent. Our Advent Calendar starts this week and we are pretty excited about it, It is one of my favorite traditions. Hoping things are looking merry and bright where you are.




  1. Gracie November 26, 2012

    LOVE. So beautiful, and Emma and Alice sounds like two little sisters in a book with watercolor illustrations.

  2. Mollie November 26, 2012

    ahhhh! Love the name, and of course I love the literary-ness of it all 😉 you would have a children’s librarian husband!

    Seriously, congratulations. This is all so exciting!

  3. Stephanie C. November 27, 2012

    Yay I love Alice 🙂


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