Snow Day

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It has’t snowed in Georgia for several years. It was wonderful to see the ground covered with a bit of the North. Even the diffused light from above is perfection during Snow, have you ever noticed how beautiful things look in that light. I honestly felt like our neighborhood was covered in Magic or at least that feeling you get. I felt like I was in Germany once again, I do miss Germany every winter.  I remember the last time it snowed and it was right before Valentines Day a few years ago and Emma had never seen snow in her life. It was such a wonderful and special time for her, even so that she cried last year that it hadn’t snowed and she kept praying that it would. She got her prayer answered this year. Although Alice is much younger than Emma was on her first snow and she has no clue what it even is we had a good time introducing the two. She seemed to enjoy it and thought a good snack and we hurried back her back in after a short visit because it was so cold.


Kenny and Emma enjoyed sledding down our hill in the front of the house. I did one sled run with Emma but my accident prone-ness caused us to careen into the street and leave my daughter with a skinned knee. Oops. So I resigned to a warm bed with a newly warm baby for a nap while I watched the snow begin to melt in trickles outside my bedroom window.


Harrisburg-our neighborhood- looked like a Christmas Village. It did make me miss the Christmas Villages of my youth. At least I experienced a glimpse of it, hopefully one day I’ll be back in Germany for winter, even for a day.


Today the city is iced over and melting and a little magic is melting with it. I just want to bottle it and keep it forever. The Snow and the Magic. I am so thankful to God for little surprises that show us his Glory.


Images from my Iphone of our Snow Day

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a screenshot from our sledding video, Happy Snow Days!

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